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ETT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd can provide OEM and ODM services in all kinds of trunstiles and speed gate. All of our products carry  18 month warranty and durable maintenance and repair support.

We provide Tripod turnstiles,Swing barrier,Flap turnstile,Speed gate,Full height turnstile,Hydraulic parking bollard and so on.

ETT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd founded in 2016, located in Shenzhen, an international turnstile manufacturer with 3000 square meters production area.

Focus on producing turnstile gate for over 7+ years,with ISO9001,CE,SONCAP,CCOV,SASO. And we will provide you high quality products and professional service.

We are developed to balance design vision with performance, practicality and quality. Our extensive range of full height turnstiles, half height turnstiles provide an unrivalled breadth of turnstile solutions, which can all be customized to suit your exact needs.

We will continue to offer unbeatable service and care, exceeding expectations from our smallest to our largest customer, whilst still offering the personal touch only a family firm can provide. We do this by listening and supplying you with a truly bespoke solution that matches your needs perfectly.

Over the years, Aneiz has held fast to its core principles of individual client attention, focus and market adaptation to ensure that we help you find the right turnstile solution to meet your needs.

We offer value for money service with well engineered quality perimeter security systems manufactured to your custom specifications.

Our turnstiles are suitable for: stations, ports, subways, factories, buildings, communities, hotels, companies and other places that require intelligent flow control.

By choosing ETT turnstiles, you’re choosing unsurpassed value advanced technology and an easy integration process that will provide a significant return on your investment for years to come.

Please contact our professional turnstile consultants, we will provide you with a solution to meet your needs as soon as possible.

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