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1. What is the strength of your company in this industry?

We are the top 10 in turnstile field in China, more than 150 employees and over 18 senior R & D technical persons to ensure the turnstile could work well in different environment. Experienced business team can help you to deal with any emergency before, during and after the sales.

2. What is your pricing strategy?

For overseas markets, we will use competitive prices to support a strong distributor in each area, and gradually establish overseas service agency, as a good opportunity, some long-term cooperation partners will compete with us to sign the annual cooperation agreement (including execution price).

3.How about the lead time?

Regular products need 3-5 working days. The customized products need 7-10 working days.

4.How long is your warranty period?

two-year guarantee & Life-time technology support.

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