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Speed gate ET601

Products Description

 Optical flap turnstile

 Long-life performance,high operation dependability and fast response..

The whole system runs smoothly,low noise,no mechanical impact, arm drops off in condition of emergencies.with 3pairs infrared detector to detect pedestrians , ensure safety and prevent pinch injuries

This model is widely used in bus station, port, subway, factory, mansion, residential area, hotel, company and so on any place that requires a smart flow control.


*The movement design is reasonable and reliable, the noise is small, the internal hydraulic device is automatically buffered, the operation is stable, and the service life is long.

* With power-off lever function, remote control can also be added for off-bar control, which is convenient for management and handling of unexpected events

* There is an LED indicator light on the lid of the box. When the card is valid, there will be a green arrow indicating the direction in which it can pass; if the card is illegal, the red LED will be prompted.

* It can be set to "with memory" or not with memory (when set to "with memory", it can be used for occasions where there are too many group tickets in the scenic spot).

* With automatic reset function, after obtaining the permission of opening the gate, there is no over-closing within the set time, and the three-roller gate automatically cancels the current permission and returns to the locked state.

* Waterproof, sunscreen, cold resistant, high temperature resistant.

* With a personalized installation interface, compatible with IC, ID card and other smart cards.

* With a unified, standard external electrical interface, can be freely attached to a variety of reading and writing devices, to facilitate system integration.

* Can be extended to an automatic identification system to achieve access control, attendance, charging and other functions.


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